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Where To Buy Dress In Singapore

Singapore is home to tons of shopping areas where you can easily explore amazing and stylish dresses. A lot of tourists even named Singapore the Paradise of Fashion. We have made it our job to make it easy for you to choose where to buy dresses in Singapore by deciding to write this blog. So hop on and find out some of our favorite and amazing places for shopping for dresses in Singapore.

Bugis Street

bugis street singapore

Bugis Street has over 600 shops where you can buy tons of amazing fashion clothes and accessories on a budget. So if you are serious about searching where to buy dresses in Singapore, you should check out Bugis street at least once. You can get a beautiful casual outfit for as low as S$12 on Bugis street. The place is mostly always crowded but it is worth it considering everywhere you go, you can meet nice people and even try out some good drinks and foods on the way.

Far East Plaza

far east plaza

Far East Plaza is filled with all things fashion and beauty. You can get almost anything in this place. From fashionable dresses to beauty stores for hair, nails, etc, this place should be your ideal shopping place. The price is affordable and you can find all kinds of mixed culture dresses such as Korean style, Hong Kong-style dresses in Far East Plaza.

IMM Outlet Mall

IMM outlet mall

IMM is said to be the largest outlet mall in Singapore. Here you can find all kinds of fashion clothes, accessories, shoes from various shops and brands. One of the biggest advantages of shopping at IMM is that you can get 80% off on some kind of fashion product all year long. There will always be a special sale so never have to worry about buying from even expensive brands.

City Plaza

city plaza

City Plaza is another one of the biggest and oldest fashion malls in Singapore. It has a huge number of fashion stores, beauty-related shops, food-related shops, and more! You can find amazing styles and fashion dresses at wholesale prices inside City Plaza. That is one of the reasons why a lot of fashion bloggers love to shop around this particular place excessively. You can even find some pre-used clothes in good condition in City Plaza in certain stores. So you never have to worry about where to buy dress in Singapore anymore if you visit this place.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

This is the ideal place for you if you do not like or prefer to shop with too many people. This shopping center is not crowded most of the time and has a considerable amount of amazing fashion clothes in Singapore. This is also a shopping place where you can find some factory outlet shops of Charles & Keith, Fox, etc.

Fond - where to buy dress in singapore

If you are still not very much convinced about going to all the places mentioned above because of the crowd or having to select the shop from several shops, Fond is your choice. Fond is a leading fashion label in Singapore that has four physical outlets and also provides an online shopping experience to its customers. You can explore some of the best modern, chic, professional, and casual dresses in Fond with offers and discounts every now and then. You can also shop accessories such as necklaces, handbags for women, and even belts with an elegant touch in Fond.

If you are still looking for the best option on where to buy dress in Singapore, visit Fond now to shop some of the extremely stylish and gorgeous dresses in Singapore.

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