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Stylish Statement Necklaces for Women

A statement necklace can take your whole look to another level. Adding a statement piece is an easy way to amp up your overall look. Necklaces are versatile and can easily add a little spice - whether it's for a date night, brunch with friends or an office look, putting on a statement necklace can instantly make your outfit.

1/ Choose according to event

Always choose something based on the occasion. If you want to pair it with a formal look, make sure you choose a subtle one.

We recommend Efesus Multi-layer necklace that has a little Bohemian vibe, adding a little chic to your simple formal outfit.

2/ Colour coordinate

Add some colour to your neutral or simple outfit by donning on a coloured statement necklace.

For instance, pair with white and black woven Cleopatra thick chain necklace with either warm-coloured or cool-toned outfits for that extra oomph and glamour.

3/ Wear it V-neck

This silver and gold Checkers necklace is best worn with a V-neck top, filling in the empty neckline with the statement necklace, thus adding extra dimension to your look.

4/ Pair it with prints

Finally, put on your statement necklace with a print (or stripe) shirts. Opt for pieces that matches the print so that it brings out your outfit cohesively.

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