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What to prepare for your interview

First impression count, especially when you are going on a job interview. On top of shaking hands firmly, having a big smile, making eye contact and listening carefully, your outfit projects your interest, personality and charisma. What you wear to the interview will help your potential employer form an opinion of you. You should always have a few sets of outfit ready on hand for whenever you get a call to an interview.

Do your research to help you gauge your dress code. Smart casual is usually the best choice for businesses with a casual dress code. Turning up in a suit can make you seem out of place. However, traditional suits and smart workwear are essential for formal professions like law and finance. Here're some outfit tips we've put together for you to prepare!

If you're applying for an office job, why not put on a vibrant blue hue Ruffles Blouse that'll make you stand out in the crowd. Pair it with this Eva Pencil Cut Black Skirt to get that full executive professional look.

You can't go wrong with a bodycon dress. Look effortlessly chic with this Milana Bodycon Sheath in Teal Blue with its deep v pleats and slim body silhouette.

If you're in the finance or law industry, look your professional best with our Biasse Grey Dress that is soft and flowy. With the flattering cut in shoulder and flare at the bottom, you're ready for an interview and a cocktail night out after to celebrate.

In the creative industry? Play it up with a fun Diays Blue Printed Dress for the smart casual look. Keep the accessories to a minimum and pair it up with a dark-coloured flats, mules or heels.

Once your outfit is selected, make sure it's ironed the day before the interview. And finally, before you step out of the door, don't forget to research on the company and the role, prepare answers to some potential questions they might ask and several copies of your resume.

Voila! With that, you're all prep and ready to go. Good luck and all the best! 😉

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