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Tricks to make you look taller in pants

Calling on all petite ladies: having trouble with lengthening your height? You can now ditch those high heels, and opt for comfy sneakers or sandals on days when you want to look taller. There're certain types of pants that can visually elongate your frame without heels.

Read on to find out how to try incorporating them into your wardrobe as we prepare to head back to the office!

#1: Go high-waisted

High-waist pants can make the middle part of your body look higher, thus making your legs appear longer.

Brunette Pants in Olive Brown is the perfect natural shade and a staple for your wardrobe that pairs easily with all blouses.

#2: Opt for wide-legged pants

Cinched at the waist and flare at the bottom, these pants not only elongate your frame, but also add that freedom of movement for you throughout the day.

Our O' Teally Flare Pants in Teal is a versatile piece that can carry you from work to play! The elastic at the back accentuate the waist while lengthening your legs.

#3: Choose ankle-length culottes

Finally, go for culottes that fall right above your ankles to avoid looking shorter in this style. And as always, choose a high-waisted culottes to lengthen your legs.

The Billowy Cotton Pants in Gingham Print comes with an elastic waist line and functional pockets that can be matched with neutral or white top!

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