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Tips & Tricks to Embrace Monday Blues

It is not uncommon, if you are no fan of Mondays, it could be what you have to do upon waking up, going to work. Whether you are still working from home, or heading back to the office, you may be feeling the Monday Blues as the week starts all over again.

If you feel sluggish, tense and overwhelmed on Monday morning, or even from Sunday evening, here are some tips and tricks to beat the Monday Blues.

Disconnect over the weekend

Break the habit of checking your emails and really take the time to disconnect and recharge. Hang out with your friends during the weekend, for a brunch, hiking, games or activities to chill and relax. Abby Leaves Print is the perfect weekend dress that is easy and breezy to hang out with friends.

Step up your self-care routine on Sunday

Treat Sunday as a recharge day, and take some time for yourself, whether it’s getting yourself

pampered, whipping up a special meal or meal prepping, doing a workout.

Look Snazzy

New dress, new day. Save your latest new purchase for Monday morning. Some studies recommend wearing red to feel more confident when heading back to office. Dressing to impress means you can be one of those people setting the energy in the office, ready to succeed and inspire others. Treat Monday as an event and dress the part.

Reframe Mondays

If you’re having a hard time to start the week on a positive note, why not set aside 30 minutes in the

morning to write down your achievements, gratitude and goals you have for the week. This might help you appreciate and express your gratitude and have something to look forward to achieving.

Embrace your Monday blues by putting on our soft and light pastel blue Liise Blouse to stay ahead of

those sluggish feelings.

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