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Style Tips for Plus Size Women

We have put together some amazing tips and styles for plus-sized women, and advice on how to find clothes that will make you feel and look good!

You might have learnt by now that certain dress and skirts tend to suit certain people better. For example, fit and flare dresses and skirts with a subtle A-line style will suit most plus-sized women.

#1: The right size & shape

The first and most important tip is to know your silhouette and get the right size and change. It is important to choose the right fit that will enhance your figure. Clothes that are form-flattering or even slightly tight are fine, but don't squeeze your body.

Check out one of our classic and signature piece, the Tatcha Multi-Striped Midi Dress. The teal blue and grey tone gives a sharp and trendy look, while the heavy cotton linen fabric provides a soft flattering silhouette. Comes with different sizes, the relaxed and A-line cut will definitely enhance your figure.

#2: Go for the V

Our next pro-tip is to go for a V-neck top, one of the oldest tricks in the style book, as it creates the illusion of a longer neck, thus having a visually slimming effect. Make sure to not go too low with the V-neck as it can have unflattering effect when revealing too much.

Alanni Classic Dress in Salmon Pink is perfect for the summer dress vibe, keeping it relaxed, yet fitted with its sharp tailoring. Featuring a pin darts back waist for a cinched effect, it is perfect for those looking for a V-neckline and a A-line cut.

#3: Embrace Prints

Last but not least, white. prints are a vibrant way of making a style statement. Wearing larger prints and patterns is said to be more flattering. If you're not too confident with bright colours, darker tones such as black, grey, brown and burgundy are great choices too.

Shailey Ethnic Printed Dress is perfect, with its laid back chic in the style print, while still being loose fitted and breathable for the sunny weather.

At the end of the day, what you've got is the most important factor for your personal style and confidence. Embrace your body and don't feel the need to cover up.

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