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Spice up your Blouses for your Video Calls

Now that we're back to working from home, the video calls are likely back to our default mode of communicating, whether it's for work or to connect with friends & family. Discover your favourite "power" blouses for working from home that are comfortable to wear around the house.

Stay Cool with Cotton

Stick with cotton material blouse as it can help to absorb and wick away moisture. Our Sienna Cotton Printed Blouse with flare out sleeves is perfect for those who wants to stand out from video calls with the contrasting trimmings that brings out the vibrant print colours. The sleeves are also great if you want to hide your arms yet stay breezy.

Dress in White

For those who can't stand heat well, white is the colour of choice to keep you cool as it reflects light and heat away. Put on our Roma White Blouse that looks crisp and fresh, with a slight roman twist neckline that gives it a little something extra.

Match it up with our Twiggy Gold Necklace to add more colour into the look.

Crop Tops

Lastly, if your video calls are not too formal, why not put on crop tops that are back in trend? With lesser material to cover more the skin, there are less chances of sweat pooling on your torso or tummy. Kyvie Baby Blue Cropped Blouse with Ruffles Sleeves is perfect with the trimmings along the neckline that gives it a little extra texture.

Spice the look up with a White Triba beaded necklace.

Now you're ready to start your video calls again! 😉

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