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Shopping habits to avoid to save more money!

We all like to treat ourself now and then, but if you're not saving or mindful enough about your shopping habits, you could be draining your money unknowingly. Here are a few habits to keep yourself and your finances in check!

#1: Not checking the material

As you start heading back to the office, you may be exposed to both the humid or rainy weather while commuting, or the chilly dry air-conditioned environment in your office. By checking the material before you buy, it can help you avoid buying clothes you end up not wearing, either because it's not stretchable, or it's too thick for you.

#2: Quantity over quality

As you step into the working world and climb the corporate ladder, it's time to step away from fast-fashion or cheap items, and start spending and investing on quality pieces. Most of these items are worn off after a handful of wear, and cost you more in frequent replacements. Sometimes, it's wiser to splurge on more quality items, especially if you wear it often.

All our pieces here at Fond are made with quality material that are both comfortable and stylish to wear.

Pick a versatile piece like our Simone Sheath Dress, with its unique yet toned down emerald colour. Dress it up with a small clutch bag for an important dinner, or go casual with sandals or flats. Not only does it have side pockets, it also fits and flatters all shapes and sizes, which you can wear for any occasion and for multiple times! A big bang for your buck!

#3: Buying on impulse

That's easier said than done. How many times have we 'add to cart' after seeing it on sale, or your favourite influencer wearing it? To keep yourself in check, one trick to try is to know what pieces you already have and if you actually need it.

Quick tip: declutter your wardrobe, and pick out any pieces that you no longer wear, and try to re-work it. For instance, a floral dress that you no longer put it on can be repurposed into a floral blouse!

Invest in a staple piece that you can wear it over and over again, or for multiple occasions, like our Daphne Midaxi Dress in Black. You can never go wrong with a LBD.

#4: Accessorise it

Having accessories can make or break your entire look. Going minimal on your outfit? Why not add on a statement piece of necklace to dazzle it up? Our Twiggy Gold necklace adds that extra touch and texture into your look with the woven rope navy blue and gold trimming.

#5: Be creative in styling

Last but not least, be creative in your styling. Do you own a dress too sexy for your liking? Wear it over a nude tank top, or put on a jacket over for coverage and extra style points!

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