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Reduce stress with these colours

Colours have an impact on our moods and how we feel. For instance, the vibrant hue of red is bright and bold, it can be overpowering, triggering stress and anxiety. On the other hand, blue, a more relaxing and calm tone can help you feel calm and more relaxed.

If you're feeling stressed from work or home, try incorporating these colours into your outfits.


Not only is it tranquil and calming, it is also a universal colour well-liked by many due to its association with how peaceful skies and seas look. Put on our brand new Junie Blue Dress in Leaf Print for the pop of blue.

Pro tip: Mix blue and yellow for a fun and casual spin.


Although it is often associated with femininity, it can also invoke serenity and peace.

Pro tip: Go for a one-piece dress so that it is convenient and you save time matching the colour, just like our floral Amelia Printed Wrap Dress in Rose Pink.


Last but not least, white. Clean slates and new beginnings come to mind. It represents quiet, tranquility and peace. It can help you clear your mind, and think more clearly at work. Put on the Reilly Printed Shift Dress with a little pop of pastel colour.

Pastel Bags

Finally, colour code these outfits with our pastel Avante Woven Baguette collection that comes in Sunny Yellow, Powder Blue and Lilac.

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