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Mix & Match Olive Brown Pants

It's time to buy some brown pants! Pants can make or break an outfit. If you're still wearing your standard-issue jeans and khakis, you're doing it wrong. Invest in a good pants that have a personality of its own. What can brown do for you, you ask? Wear it with a crease down the front, or a hem short enough to see a little sock or ankle moment.

A basic staple in all wardrobes. This versatile wide-leg flare pants allows you to pair easily with all blouses, for any occasion and temperature.

Show off your ankles with the ankle length hemline. With both functional side pockets, they will be your go-to pants this season.

Sooth your senses in this powdery blue knit top. Perfect for your back-to-work outfit, especially in the air-conditioned environment, to keep you warm in the office, but comfortable when you step outside too.

With high stretch cotton polyester blend fabric, the knit blouse fits sizes from S to XL, great for anyone who likes the little comfortable stretch

This cute little blouse is perfect for the summer time. Unveil your girlish charm in this two-in-one piece white cotton jersey with pink checkered crepe cotton getup. The preppy look is suitable for lazy chill days or when you need to hustle and get things done.

As you can already probably tell from the first look, blue and brown are our favourite match. This breezy and light blue with ruffles trimmings are great when you need that little oomph in your outfit without trying too hard. With the elastic at the hem, you get a cinched effect at your waist, giving you a little shape effortlessly.

Not too comfortable with the colour play? This blouse also comes in white for easy matching!

Lastly, if you're still not convinced, this essential tank will definitely seal the deal. An essentials for all wardrobe, you can style it up with our wide-legged pants, and pair it up with flats, or even dress it down with a part of shorts to stay comfy in the weather.

With a little stretchability, you can mix and play around easily, especially when there are 2 colours for you to choose from - brown and grey - the staple essential colours that can't go wrong.

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