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How To Wear Yellow: It's Not As Hard As You Think!

Yellow is a popular accent colour. Associated with laughter, happiness, optimism and sunshine, you'll find out how to wear yellow and what colours go best with this cheery shade. With the world going through some tough times now, anything to bring happiness and joy is a good thing.

If you want to make a statement with your yellow, then wearing a yellow dress is the perfect way to do so. Read on to find out how to incorporate the shade into your outfits!

#1: Lemon Yellow

A yellow dress is the perfect option to keep you cool and stylish. Keep it relatively simple and team it up with neutrals like black, white and browns.

Lemon yellow always look fresh and bright. Dark hair goes best with bright lemon yellow because the bold colour look best with high contrast. When you need a little perk, put on the Tuscan Yellow Skater Dress to exude happy vibes wherever you go!

¨#2: Pastel Yellow

If going bright yellow is too much too fast for you, take a small step and start small with accessories before you venture into a full-on outfit!

Put on our Jasper Resin with yellow pink resin stone with white silver chain, or our Clam Shell Bag to spice up your look!

#3: Chartreuse Yellow

Chartreuse looks amazing on peachy-pale skin or with dark hair. This shade of yellow looks amazing with brown, rust, beige and black.

If you're into prints as well, why not try on our Canaries Printed Dress to add a little fun and cheer to your outfit and your day? Featuring a small lapel collar in the front, and an elastic waist with an A-line cut, it'll be your go-to dress all day everyday.

#4: Golden Yellow

Finally, golden yellow is warm and earthy shade, and it goes with almost any colour. The shade is extra cute on olive or tanned skin.

If you fit that description, and prefer a bodycon look, check out our Chinoi Golden Sleeveless Bodycon Dress. Rock your way in this head turner, modern cheongsam style dress with a V-neckline and slim fit with some ruching at the hips.

The bottom line: yellow isn't really that difficult to wear and style. If you find a yellow piece you love but are hesitating because of the bold colour, take the plunge and embrace the sunshine in you.

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