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How to shop for stylish clothes without abusing your salary

It's that time of the month again! We're not perfect, it happens to all of us. When there's a big sale coming up or when we get our pay check, we blow our budget and splurge on retail therapy to keep us sane, especially now that we're back with more restrictions.

But this bad habit is financially unhealthy, and leaving you to live pay check to pay check. Before you swipe that card, here are some tips from us on how to look chic and be practical at the same time!

#1: Prioritise your living expenses

Pay yourself first. After all, you need to have a safety net in place, and be able to pay all your bills on time. With the remaining amount, you can splurge a little on some luxuries like shopping or dining out.

#2: What's your style?

Do you have to go back to office regularly? What are the dress codes at your workplace? Know your personal style as well - do you prefer dress or jumpsuits, sneakers or heels? Knowing what you like and need will help you figure out what you can buy.

If you're into basics, why not invest in a versatile piece like our Saori Layered Dress in Dark Navy? In a natural tone and classic shift dress style, you can dress it up with heels for work, or dress down with sneakers for the weekend!

#3: Know what you want

While it's important that you're aware of the essentials, it's also vital that you know your signature style. Doing so ensures that the items that you buy are things you'll wear and fits your wardrobe.

Purchase a good quality and versatile blouse like this Kunis Blue Blouse that you can re-wear with multiple bottoms, with almost any colour and style. The straight cut with wide sleeves blouse is great for date night or day out with friends.

#4: Be wise with trends

Ask yourself before you buy a new piece of clothing, will you wear it for a long time? Does it fit with the majority of your clothes that you already own? Trendy stuff is often only trendy at that moment, and once it's shut out of trend, you most likely will not wear it anymore.

Quick tip: don't spend more than the usual on a too-obvious trend piece! An example of an investment piece would be our staple Biasse Grey Dress. Not only is it in a classic A-line style, neutral tone in grey is often easy to match and dress up or down.

Ultimately, it's all about balance. Splurge on items that can work with clothes you already have, with good quality that can be worn multiple times, and that you can afford it with the money you have on hand.

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