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Every dress style you need in your closet

'I've nothing to wear', says every woman. There are times when you just can't rack your brain to come up with a cute outfit. Layering can be tricky when you're not an expert in prints and mix-and-match. An easy way out is to simply throw on a chic dress.

Contrary to what people think, a dress is every lazy girl's go-to. After all, you only need 1 good piece of clothing. The trick here, is to stock up your wardrobe on beautiful dresses with different colours, prints, silhouettes that suit your daily needs. We've rounded up the must-have styles you definitely need to shop.

#1: Little Black Dress (LBD)

The iconic LBD you can't miss. Not only can you wear it for a romantic date night, you can also dress it down for a casual errand day. With our Brigetta slim fit sleeveless black dress that comes with a cinched waist, it enhances your silhouette and flatter your body.

#2: Printed Maxi Dress

Not only is it perfect for Singapore weather, this summer dress is great for any occasion - holiday party, errand weekend, brunch or more. Tatcha multi-striped midi dress is one of our classic signature piece that looks sharp and classic.

#3: Shirt Dress

A button down dress is undeniably one of the easiest way to look polished and chic even when you're wearing slip on or sandals in a ponytail.

Yumi Shirt Dress is the perfect staple dress and versatile in its light olive tone.

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