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Easy ways to make your basic outfit look polished

Owning a wardrobe full of basics comes with many perks: you can easily mix and match the pieces you already own, wear them multiple times and won't need to shop for new clothes all the time. These closet essentials, however, have the tendency to look plain and simple. To avoid this, try these easy styling tricks below.

#1: Throw on a cardigan

You can always rely on this closet staple to stay warm and add a little style to your t-shirts and tank tops. Throw on our Poppy Cardigan over and pair it with your high-waisted jeans or pencil skirt and you're ready to go. It's easy to match, and adds a pop of colour to your simple outfit.

#2: Accessories

A few pieces of jewelry can instantly transform any simple outfit. Quick tip: look for accessories that you can throw on easily when your outfit need that extra touch. It could be necklace, bracelets or earrings - whatever suits your personal style

#3: Pay attention to your shoes

As they tend to stand out more when you're wearing a plain outfit, go for dressy ones like a pair of leather flats to elevate your look.

#4: Add a pop of colour

Add a little colour to your entire look with our Avante Woven Baguette. Comes in 3 pastel colours, you can mix and match the bags easily to your wardrobe effortlessly. The bag comes in a baguette style with a knotted strap, and a long sling for multiple ways of carrying.

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