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7 Floral Dress That Girls Will Fall In Love With

Spring and Summer call for all things floral, doesn’t it? If you were looking for those perfect and gorgeous dresses to find in an online boutique in Singapore, then consider your search to be completed. Because we are here to not only let you know about the best floral dresses but some good online boutique in Singapore to buy them! Let’s see what we have in store for you!

Flaunt in a Floral Maxi

From Fond - Online Boutique Singapore

Maxis are always the best choice during spring. And add some floral prints to it then you will be absolutely dashing. This Printed Red Maxi is to die for if you are a fan of red and floral prints at the same time. Walk down the streets in this designer floral maxi by purchasing this on one of the best online boutiques in Singapore, Fond.

How About Some Victorian Vibe?

From Fond - Online Boutique Singapore

No matter what kind of opinion you may have about the Victorian era, you must love the fashion and prints that were inspired by it. So why not take a stroll looking like a Victorian princess? Get this Victorian Flowy Dress to take up all the attention to yourself this spring. No need to search for it as it is available on our very online boutique Singapore, Fondmoment.

A Ray of Sunshine

From HVV - Online Boutique Singapore

Who doesn’t love to be the ray of sunshine for some right? So stop thinking about it and be the ray of sunshine, literally. With this beautiful Slit Midi Dress in Yellow, you get to look bright, colorful, and gorgeous. Who wants anything more than that! Shop this on another one of the best online boutiques in Singapore, HVV.

Off Shoulder Everywhere

From Zalora - Online Boutique Singapore

Off-shoulder dresses are always exciting to wear, isn’t it? Whenever you are in doubt, go for an off-shoulder look to be in the fashion trend. This particular Off Shoulder Flared Dress caught our attention and we have to admit, it is beautiful and simple. Just the look everyone wants during summer and spring. Find this look on Zalora - One of the best fashion online boutiques in Singapore.

Shine with a Wrap Dress

From Fond - Online Boutique Singapore

The most common and classy checklist during spring is Wrap Dresses, Floral prints, bright colors. Imagine getting a dress with all of these that also match and flatters your body shape and size. Let’s not! Because this special Wrap Dress in Pink is one of the amazing dresses anyone should add to their wardrobe. You can shop this on our very own online boutique Singapore, Fondmoment.

Look Chic in Skater Dress

From HVV - Online Boutique Singapore

Skater dresses are one of those things that are always fashionable and chic. Whether it’s for a party, or a small walk down the street, or a little gathering with your friends, it suits all kinds of unofficial occasions. An eye-catching Floral Skater Dress got stuck into our minds and we cannot seem to get it off. You can find this one online on HVV.

Ruffles are the Best Summer Fashion

From Fond - Online Boutique Singapore

You cannot change our minds on this. Ruffles are the perfect fashion to wear during summers. They are simple, pretty, and flatters everyone regardless of their body sizes. And this Floral Printed Ruffles Dress in Green has such a vibrant feeling to it that it just cannot be ignored. So don’t try to ignore it and shop the look on Fond today!

For more compilations and fashion ideas, visit our blog. Fond is a leading fashion label and one of the top-rated online boutiques in Singapore. Explore our floral collections today and get 10% off on all floral dresses till May 11.

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