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7 ways to look expensive without trying too hard!

To look polished, we always assume we need to spend big bucks to look sophisticated, buy expensive clothing or bags, and put in a lot of effort. What if we told you that's not true at all? We've put together a list on how you can look expensive every time without trying too hard!

Read on to find out how you can go for that classy look effortlessly!

#1: Go for neutrals

Not only does neutral never go out of style, they're also easy to mix and match, making them very versatile pieces. The hues of black, grey, white, beige and brown creates a soft polished look for you to play around with.

Yukio Midi Dress is perfect for that uptown girl look in its 2-in-1 suspenders dress that you can wear it for a weekend brunch.

The Quin Scooped Neck Tank is also an essential tank that you can wear it with a jacket over, and match with denim shorts or skirt for a chic look!

#2: Tailor to your size

If you're still now aware, fit is everything. Having your tops, dress or pants fitted and tailored to your body will definitely elevate your look and make you look expensive effortlessly. One size does not fit all. The way the fabric and drape around your body makes a difference. Find a good tailor and make sure your clothes are all fitted perfectly to your body!

#3: Invest in classic fashion items

If you already know your personal style, the pieces that you cannot stop going back to, it's time to invest in those staples. The simple look that you won't get tired of and will last through time.

Some of the classic closet staples are your little black dress, which you can wear to every occasion, be if formal or casual night out with friends, just like our Naomi Skater Dress.

#4: Cost-per-wear

With the above points, investing in pieces that last longer and are more versatile, you can wear the clothing multiple times, saving you money and the environment. Double win!

#5: Take care of your clothing

Now that you've invested a good amount of money on these long-lasting pieces, it's time to take good care of it. Read the instructions on the label carefully and store them properly.

#6: Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

A good accessory will elevate your outfit and make it more sophisticated. Make sure the accessories complement your outfit, and you're not wearing too many accessories, especially the size and design are not overwhelming the look.

#7: Maintain good posture

Lastly, ensure that you have a good posture, be it sitting or standing, and don't slouch. The way you carry yourself is important. You'll look more confident!

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