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5 Bags to Make a Fashionable Statement

Now that more people are allowed back to work, we can start dressing up presentably once again after more than one year of working from home. And this calls for a celebration, and a work bag revamped! It's arguably the most important part in getting ready: the perfect bag to complete the look.

If you've not needed a bag the past year, you'll need it now, or soon enough. To help you make the transition, keep scrolling for 5 bags we've picked for you to go out in style.

The baguette bag was such a hit back in the 2000s, and now we're seeing it back in the OOTDs of celebs and influencers. You can wear it with feminine, casual, streetwear or dressy outfits. Get our Avante Woven Baguette bag, that comes in pastel colours - sunny yellow, powder blue and lilac. It also comes with a long sling if you need to be hands free.

You may also like our Clam Shell bag as this is foldable, and its short handle also make it a good hands-free option, especially for commuting because all your belongings will be close to you. It comes in yellow and orange colours.

Looking for something more spacious? Check out our Susie Pleated Orange bag for that bucket bag look, that is spacious yet stylish, an ideal choice for your street walks and trips. It comes with a pouch to help you organise your things in the bag.

We also have a Fan Pleated bag if you're a fan of the woven pleated look that is perfect for your shopping needs. Whether you're heading out for a quick errand run or meeting, it's handy and on-the-go, with colour choice of yellow and blue.

Going for your lunch break? Our Native Print Envelope Clutch is the perfect bag you need. Throw in your wallet, phone and you're ready to go. Trendy and functional.

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