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4 Tips for Power Dressing

Power dressing is all about dressing smart. Dressing better can get you ahead of work and plays an important role on how others perceive you. You want to wear an outfit that makes you look your best but does not distract others from what you need to deliver on.

#1: Find your style

An independent visual identity can work to reinforce position of power. Go through your closet and identify which clothes you feel more confident in and put them together. By grouping them together, you can see more clearly what are the styles that you feel good in.

If you like to keep your look fresh, comfortable yet pristine, Eloise Gingham Sheath Dress is perfect for you. Inspired from the check pattern, this dress is sophisticated and structured, suitable for various occasion yet feels comfortable to wear all day long.

#2: Understand the importance of fit & your body type

Consider whether the clothes actually fits you. Remember that the most exquisite suit will not look good on you when you wear it if it doesn't fit you well. Perfectly fit clothes should flatter your body and draw attention to the portions of your body you would like to highlight.

For instance, if your body resembles a pear shape, our Lexonie Navy Swing Dress is perfect with its fitted bodice and cap sleeves, and its A-line silhouette that accentuates your curves.

#3: Invest in pieces that you will wear forever

Building a capsule wardrobe of pieces you can mix and match on rotation forever not only saves you time and money, but it also helps define your personal style.

If you're into something different yet simple, Michelle Overlay Dress is the perfect dress to invest in. Power it up for the day in the dark mid-night hue, great for any occasion.

#4: Use the power of accessories

Accessories can instantly glam up your look. Don't be afraid to wear jewellery to work if it gives you confidence.

Now you're all ready to head out and impress!

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