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7 Unique Mother's Day Gifts That Will Definitely Surprise Your Mom

Mothers spend a lot of time worrying about their children and always make sure everything is perfect for the kids. Because they are always filling us with love all year long, let’s give back to them this mother’s day. Here are 7 unique mother’s day gift ideas for your loving mother.

Gift Cards or Reservations:

Help your mom get relaxed by making a massage or pedicure or spa reservation. If you don’t have a budget to make the reservation yourself, buy a gift card for those relaxation getaways. Let her pamper herself up to love you even more with this mother’s day gift.

Travel Mugs:

Gift your mother a travel-friendly coffee/tea mug so that she can save more time on having to wait in line for getting coffee/tea. There are tons of beautiful and cute travel mugs out there. But if you insist on seeing our choice, you can choose this one we found on Amazon. Click here to buy.

Clothes she loves:

After working tirelessly every mom loves to treat themselves with some beautiful or comfortable outfits. But they may not have enough time for that. So why not do it for her? Get her some gorgeous looking dresses or some comfortable clothes like sweaters, PJs, etc. Depending on what your mom loves.

Check out some beautiful dresses in Singapore online on Fond.

An Exceptional piece of Jewelry:

Most of the moms love to wear some piece of special jewelry on them. Gift your mom a beautiful piece of jewelry such as an earring, a small necklace, a ring, or a bracelet. Anything you feel will make her feel more loved and remind her of you.


Handbags are a necessity for working moms and they don’t go anywhere without one. If you feel your mom has been using the same bags for a long time or she would just love to have a new bag to add a new bag into her collection, go for it.

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If your mom loves reading and exploring new things through it, books are the best choice. Research her book collections and determine what kind of books she loves reading. Get her the right book with some flowers to make her feel cherished with your mother’s day gift.

Make her Breakfast:

It’s no surprise that mothers love the small and kind things we often do. That includes this simple yet lovely mother’s day gift, Making her Breakfast. Most of your childhood will contain memories of mom’s special recipes she cooks for you when she can. So recreate the love and make her a simple yet delicious breakfast that she would always love to eat. Especially from her kid.

We hope these mother’s day gift ideas will give some clarity on what to get for your mom. For more fashion/gift ideas, visit Fond now.

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